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This term in year 4, we have introduced Golden Time as a reward for fantastic behaviour and hard work. Each Friday, the children spend 20 minutes taking part in an activity of their choice.

Last week, we set up ‘old fashioned’ games which required the children to work together or take turns. This was a lovely afternoon activity which they thoroughly enjoyed. In particular, the children were fond of jigsaws! We will be purchasing more of these in response.

During our latest English unit, we have begun to study Greek myths and the children have planned to use the mythical beast they created in our non-chronological reports. This character will be the ‘baddie’ whom their hero has to defeat. We are modelling our writing on the story of Theseus and the Minotaur, whose beast is half man, half bull! the children have already written some fantastic setting and character descriptions, we can’t wait to see what they come up with during our big write.

As we come to the last term of the year, the children are working super hard to learn their tables. By the end of year 4, they are expected to know all of them up to 12×12. Lots of children are already there and many more are close. At the beginning of the year, we provided the children with their own text book to practise spellings and tables in. We have looked at many different strategies of learning and the children have been independently applying them with fantastic results. In addition to this, we use Times Tables Rock Stars and Mathletics Multiverse. These are fun ways for the children to practise, without it seeming like a huge task.

This Wednesday, we are looking forward to our school trip to Enginuity in Ironbridge as part of our Science and DT topic.

Year 4 became puppet show masters at the end of term when they performed their Dreamtime stories for KS1. After weeks of preparation, year 1 and 2 had the delight of seeing some real treats.

Working in groups of three, the children chose an Aboriginal Dreamtime story to re-write into a script. They then decided which scenes they would need to create in order to tell the story.

The next step was to make their puppets and their theatres. As a class, we looked at different methods of making puppets and the different types of materials they would need for each one.

Finally, they put all these elements together to rehearse and make sure they had included all of the necessary features.

Despite their nerves, year 4 were superb. They managed to get through it as a team and entertain some very picky customers!

Well done year 4!

Watch the story of Tiddalick as an example of the Dreamtime stories we used.



Busy times in year 4 over these last few weeks. We have had a range of events to keep us out of trouble, from Topic Open afternoons, Good to be Green events and Drama Workshops.  (more…)

This week in year 4, we have been following up our study of Toro! Toro! with the another Michael Morpurgo book called The Butterfly Lion.


The New Year has started extremely well for year 4! The children have had a fantastic time looking at different materials for our new science topic – changing states. We have already compared different types of objects and categorised them into solids and liquids. Additionally, we have been discussing water. What we know and what we want to know. The children came up with some excellent questions which we will address as the term progresses. Watch this space!

In topic, we have begun our Geography project on the region of Australasia. First of all, the children have begun by recapping their knowledge of the seven continents they learned from year 3. Furthermore, they have added to this knowledge by placing the Equator, Tropics and Longitude and Latitude lines on a world map. We have briefly discussed the region known as Australasia but will be focusing our efforts on the country of Australia. Finally, the children have learnt how to accurately place cities and landmarks on a map and will be using the knowledge they gain each week, to produce a persuasive leaflet to a destination of their choice.


In English we have finished our own nonsense poems and have begun to write them out neatly. The children used the classic nonsense poem The Jabberwocky from Alice Through the Looking Glass (and what she found there) as inspiration. the results are fabulous, we will be uploading examples of some neat drafts next week. Since completing this topic, we have begun to study the Michael Morpurgo book, Toro! Toro! This book is set in the 1930s during the Spanish civil war and revolves around the dilemma a young boy called Antonito faces when his beloved bull is doomed for the Corrida! The children will be writing their own dilemma stories next week and will spend this week planning and editing their ideas.

Negative numbers and number liines
Children use a number line to play tug or war using negative numbers.

In maths, the recent cold snap has been helpful in developing the children’s understanding of negative numbers. We have also recapped rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. This week, the children will revisit addition and subtraction using expanded column in different contexts, using the bar model to help them make sense of problems. Finally, we will be addressing time, where they will be comparing analogue and digital time.

What  a great start to the term! Well done year 4, spring term is going to be a good one.


After three weeks of studying the diary of Anne Frank, the children have written their own diaries as different characters from the annexe.  (more…)

Wow, year four have had a fabulous two weeks studying diary writing and empathy with the diary of Anne Frank!  (more…)

This week, year four are in preparation mode! Role play for biographies and beetle drive practise for our family fun night on Friday.  (more…)

Year 4 have been applying their learning in both English and Maths this week.  (more…)

Year 4 analyse what constitutes as healthy eating by learning all about the nutritional benefits each category can give you.