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Year 4 learn about Healthy Eating

What is Healthy Eating?

Year 4 analyse what constitutes as healthy eating by learning all about the nutritional benefits each category can give you.

What's in your food?
Always read the label!

Year 4 have combined their science and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) together to study healthy eating and the benefits of different nutrients. The children used their previous knowledge from year 3 to create a ‘healthy balanced’ plate. They discovered how they can become food savvy just by looking at the colours on the labels of different packages and by thinking more about the portion sizes of the different food groups.

Why we drink water between meals
Can we drink juice?

The children were astounded to discover how long teeth are under attack from the sugars we consume and agreed that we should definitely keep to drinking water in class!

In English, the children have written and edited the first drafts of their portal stories inspired by Leon and the Place Between. Next week they will be writing their neat copies and we will be choosing some fabulous examples to share here on our blog. Stay tuned!