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Nursery – ‘Cygnets’

Early Years Foundation Stage Nursery

Nursery Teacher: Mrs Linda MacDonald BA(Hons) Early Years Ed., PGCE

Nursery Teaching Assistants: Mrs Tammy Griffiths NNEB and Mrs Lucy Hill NNEB

Early years Foundation Stage HLTA Mrs Molly Bone BEd

Please see a member of the team if you have any questions, we are always available and happy to talk.

To contact Nursery please call the school on: 01691 622299 or e-mail: admin@ellesmereprimaryschool.org.uk

Early Learning at Ellesmere Primary School Nursery

At Ellesmere Primary School Nursery our aim is to provide a warm, happy and stimulating environment where all children are encouraged to develop lively minds, active skilful bodies, confidence, independence and caring attitudes towards others and their environment. We plan and provide a wide range of enjoyable and stimulating activities and environments, through which children can explore the world around them, make discoveries, solve problems and relate to other children and adults. We aim to challenge and extend children’s thinking, to build skills, to encourage curiosity and reflection on their experiences and to foster language development so that they can express their thoughts and feelings.

At Ellesmere Primary School Nursery we follow the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage which applies to children from birth to the end of the Reception Year. The Framework (2012) states that, ‘practitioners must consider the individual needs, interests, and stage of development of each child in their care and must use this information to plan a challenging and enjoyable experience for each child in all areas of learning and development’.

We believe that young children learn best through play and playful teaching. Play provides children with rich experiences in which they have the opportunity to make plans and choices, to be creative, to investigate, to practice skills, to set their own pace, to follow their own interests and fascinations, to concentrate, to communicate with others and to build feelings of confidence and self-esteem. We plan for learning and development through a continuous cycle of observation, planning and assessment, regularly reviewing children’s progress throughout their year in nursery and ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum.

Some of this planning is to teach specific skills and knowledge based on on-going assessment and is planned in advance. However, much of our ‘planning’ is ‘in the moment’ – an immediate response to learning in the ‘here and now’ where our skilled and skilful staff, who know the children well, use appropriate strategies at the right moment (the ‘teachable’ moment) to support and extend the child’s learning and challenge their thinking.

 Outdoor Play

We have free-flow play for most of our nursery sessions. Children are able to choose whether they work and play inside or outdoors. Please ensure that they have appropriate clothing for outdoor play – sun hats and sun-cream for warm, sunny days, coats for cooler weather and waterproof clothing for rainy days.

Change of Clothes

We would be grateful if all parents could provide their child with a change of clothes. Children sometimes have toileting accidents or get wet playing in water and we have limited supplies of clothes and storage space for them in Nursery. Please leave the change of clothes in a named bag on your child’s peg and check daily to see if they need to be replenished.


Starting a new Nursery is an enormous step for your child. Some children settle confidently from the moment they step into nursery, others take more time to settle. It is important to us that all of our children are happy and feel safe and secure while they are with us so they can enjoy their sessions and become happy, confident and successful learners.

Parents know their children best and it is our privilege to be entrusted with the care of your child. We know that children develop and learn best when they are understood, loved and supported by all those involved in their care. Our staff are always available to talk with parents about how to support their children. Please always feel very welcome to share information about your child with us – from special family events, things your child has achieved or can do, particular interests to concerns and worries. Our door is always open.

Helping My Child at Home

Parents always ask how they can best help their child at home. Our advice would be to talk to Mrs MacDonald or your child’s key-worker to discuss specific help at home.

Try your very best to carry out all tasks and activities which are sent home from Nursery and return them promptly.

Talk, talk, talk with your child!

Remember the ‘Take 10’ challenge and try to read with your child for 10-minutes each day.

Also, look out for our Maths Challenge Cards.

Encourage your child to be develop independence by encouraging them to get themselves dressed, put on their own shoes and help to do household chores with you – tidying up their own toys (they can all do this at nursery!), helping prepare food, laying the table, writing a shopping list, helping in the supermarket – and all lovely opportunities to talk and learn new words with you.

Share your child’s Learning Journey folder and Tapestry journal with them so that they can let you know what they have been doing in nursery.

Most importantly, let us know what your child is doing at home. Share photos and information with us. This is vitally important so that we can further nurture and foster your child’s development and interests whilst they are in nursery.

Useful Websites

For Letters and Sounds and Early Reading activities try Alphablocks and for numbers – NumberJacks. Visit: http://bbc.co.uk/cbeebies
For help with Letters and Sounds, Google: Articulation of Phonemes or visit:  



Remember – TV, computers, tablets, smartphones and gaming apps are no substitute for family time; talking, reading, playing games, walking outdoors and sharing experiences TOGETHER! A healthy balance for healthy children!

Nursery – ‘Cygnets’ Blog


Jack and the Beanstalk

Our story of the week has been Jack and the Beanstalk.  The children have loved the story, especially the giant!  We have practised re-telling the story in our own words and in the correct order and the children have started to make their own versions of the story.  Their drawings and the vocabulary they have […]


Roots and Shoots

We are continuing our “Roots and Shoots” theme and the Nursery children have been excited to see their potatoes and seeds starting to sprout this week.  Our beans have germinated really well and the children are hoping for a really tall beanstalk to appear!  In our Maths sessions all of the children have practised being […]


Happy Pancake Day!

Nursery have been busy making some delicious pancakes topped with cream, fruit, syrup, lemon and lots of other tasty ingredients. How do you eat yours?!


Autumn Outings for Nursery Children

Nursery visited the Pumpkin Patch at Winston Farm in Ellesmere on a glorious Autumn morning.


Well-being Week in Nursery

We have been reading the book “The Colour Monster” about a monster who is confused because his feelings are all mixed up. It is important for children to be able to recognise and name their emotions as they begin to understand themselves and how they are feeling. We have talked about what makes us happy, […]


Forest School Fun

Look at us in the Forest! We are learning about keeping ourselves safe in the Forest – how to sit in the Fire Area, how high to climb, to stay inside the boundary, to look after all the creatures we find and to come back when we hear the Forest school whistle.