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The Butterfly Lion comes to Year 4.

This week in year 4, we have been following up our study of Toro! Toro! with the another Michael Morpurgo book called The Butterfly Lion.

The children have been using a wide range of skills for their Ready, Steady, Read sessions. They have been analysing the book in different ways. They have inferred information from the front cover, made predictions based upon the blurb, analysed characters and learnt to justify their findings or opinions by using evidence from the text.

One of the features we have noticed about the two texts is that they are both about young boys and their relationship with animals. This has inspired the children to search out more Morpurgo books to read in their own time to see if this is the case with all of his stories.

In English, the children are on the final stages of their dilemma stories (inspired by Toro! Toro!). Next week, we will be starting our new unit on discussion texts, where the children will have the opportunity to voice their opinions on a range of subjects they are interested in.

Due to the tricky nature of telling the time, we have continued to study both analogue and digital time this week. The children have improved lots already and we will be testing their skills through duration calculations.

The children continued to enjoy our Topic work. They are able to name many of the islands of Australasia, and Australia day was a convenient link to show the different customs of the country after they had been busy using their atlas skills to locate cities and oceans. Soon, the children will be creating their own chosen project based upon the skills they have learnt.