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Empathy with the Annexe!

After three weeks of studying the diary of Anne Frank, the children have written their own diaries as different characters from the annexe. 

This week, the children drafted, edited and typed up their diary entries. It was so wonderful to see how inspired the children had become and how much they truly empathised with this important piece of history.

Here is a fine example of Summer’s diary extract. She decided to write as Mrs Van Pels, a woman Anne did NOT get on well with during their time in hiding.

Summer's diary of Mrs Van Pels
Summer shows empathy and understanding of the difficulties in the annexe by writing as Mrs Van Pels.

We have continued to apply our learning of World War 2 during topic lessons where we are comparing home life now with life in the 1940s. The children have been studying features of play scripts and will be developing their own drama sketch based on their research.