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Year 4 – ‘Fletcher’ and ‘Rosen’ Blog

23 September 2021

Practicing Partitioning

Year 4 have been learning how to partition hundred and thousand numbers in a variety of ways.

13 October 2020

Food on the Move!

This week class Rosen have had a fantastic week. We have made a brilliant start on our new Mini-Mission ‘Humans, Habitats and Living things’. Here are a few snap shots from when we made the digestive system earlier this week.

03 February 2020

Spy Kids!

Today we had a launch for our new Science based mini mission about electricity! We watched an episode of Sky Kids as a clue to our mini mission and then spent the afternoon investigating the parts of a torch, taking it a part and looking at the different parts needed to make a circuit. We […]

02 December 2019

Year 4 are coming to the end of their Viking mini mission

This morning we are painting our Viking Helmets. We have now come to the end of the Viking mini mission. We have learnt lots of facts during the past 3 weeks and the children have really enjoyed this unit finishing off by writing their own chronological report about the Viking invasion. Our next mini mission […]

14 November 2019

The Vikings!

We had a brilliant morning today kicking off our new mini mission about the Vikings! We followed a recipe to bake Viking bread and then tasted it this afternoon with honey. The children have brought some home for you to try. We discussed why it was so heavy and dense, thinking about the ingredients that […]

08 October 2019

Clowning Around

Year 3 had a brilliant time at their Circus workshop in school. They had the opportunity to learn lots of new skills from juggling to plate spinning and even riding tiny bikes. What a great way to end our first Mini Mission!

24 September 2019

What A Brilliant Few Weeks We’ve Had In Year 4!

The children are really enjoying our mini mission ‘Leon and the Place Between’ and enjoying everything circus and magic related. We have planned out and started writing our own versions of the story, using our own characters and creating our own ‘Place Between’ art work and description. The children have planned out the colours and […]

16 November 2018

Year 4 enjoy Roman experience!

In our final week of half term, all of Year 4 went to Chester for a Roman experience day.   Our day began at the Grosvenor Museum in Chester where we went to a Roman workshop which had many artefacts and different zones about Roman life. The children learned about the Roman kitchen, bath houses […]

18 September 2018

Year 4 get messy in Digestion activity!

Year 4 have started their new topic of ‘Digestion’ in Science and this week we created our own digestive system using household items to learn more about it! Monday morning Miss Wilcox and Mrs Clarke turned up with a box of crackers, orange juice, tights and cups! The children were very curious about what we […]