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Applying learning skills!

Strike it Out with NRich

Year 4 have been applying their learning in both English and Maths this week. 

After studying the portal story of Leon and the PLace Between, the children were very busy writing segments of their own portal stories. They worked extremely hard to include all of the features we studied such as, expanded noun and adverbial phrases, speech marks, paragraphs and the impact of short sentences creating suspense. Below is an example of Leanne’s work which shows how she has edited her writing and remembered to include all of the features we have discussed:

applying and inventing
Applying learning by using the features of a portal story.

In maths, we have been studying different methods for addition and subtraction. On Friday, the children put their skills to the test, applying their learning through this Nrich activity which not only tests their skills, but also helps them to achieve a deeper level of understanding about number. The children had to work in pairs, with the first child choosing two numbers from a number line to either add or subtract. They crossed off the numbers they had chosen and circled the answer. Using this answer, the other child then had to make another addition or subtraction sum without using any of the crossed off numbers. The tricky bit came at the end when many of the answers were already crossed off, meaning the last person to complete a whole number sentence was the winner. A lovely activity, suitable for a range of abilities.

Striking it out together!
Mini and Liam work hard to check through their answers