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Year 2 – ‘Potter’ and ‘Browne’


Children will receive weekly homework in Year 2. This may consist of a piece of GPS (grammar, punctuation & spelling), an English or a maths activity.

Homework will be set using Google Classroom. Your child will have been given a log for this. Google classroom can be accessed via the Virtual School link at the top of this page.

Children should be reading five times a week at home. Where possible encourage your child to read daily, even if it is just 5 minutes squeezed in. It doesn’t have to be their book from school, it could be a magazine, comic, annual or anything else they enjoy.  Children have reading diaries where you can comment on your child’s reading at home and they can keep track of the books they have read. There is also a useful section on common words to read and spell. Reading books will be changed on Tuesdays.

Swimming & PE

Browne’s PE sessions will take place every Tuesday and Wednesday. Potter’s PE sessions will take place every Thursday and Friday.  Children must come to school dressed in their PE kits and will continue to wear them for the rest of the day. PE kit is a white t shirt, blue or navy shorts and suitable footwear (trainers or pumps).

Water bottles

Due to current COVID restrictions, children are not allowed to have water bottles in class.  Named cups will be provided for drinking water, and these will remain in school. It is important for children to keep hydrated throughout the day.

House Points 

Children will be awarded house points for outstanding effort, kindness, helpfulness and anything else that staff feel they have worked hard on or gone above and beyond for. These will be collected on ClassDojo.

Miss Jarvis and Miss Hopkins

Year 2 – ‘Potter’ and ‘Browne’ Blog

29 January 2021

Let it Snow!

Year 2 finishing off their science mini-mission with snow people and melting experiments.

25 November 2020

Year 2 Stay Safe with Forest Fires

In Forest School, Mrs Griffiths lit a fire and taught the children how to stay safe around fire. The children sharpened their own willow sticks and cooked some dough on the fire. They were extremely sensible and made me very proud.

19 October 2020

Habitat in a box

In our mini mission this week the children have been learning about habitats and how the animals that live there are suited to their environment. They have all made a ‘habitat in a box’ this afternoon. I was very pleased with their creativity, imagination and independence (and tidying up!)

25 September 2020

No More Worries for Year 2!

This week we have read the story ‘Silly Billy’ by Anthony Browne and made our own worry dolls. We have been talking about our worries and what we can do to help ourselves if we have worries. Tonight, the children have brought their worry dolls home. They may want to put them under their pillows […]

24 January 2020

Poles Apart

As part of our mini mission ‘Poles Apart’ the children tasted food from around the world. They have sampled black beans from Brazil, fried rice with sweet and sour sauce from China, falafel from Egypt, pineapple from Hawaii and BBQ chicken from Australia. They spent time exploring these different cultures, their flags, landmarks and traditions. […]

02 December 2019

Year 2 become Native Americans for the day

On Tuesday, Year 2 took part in some Native American activities. We did some weaving using pond reeds, drew some native american symbols using sticks and berry juice which we crushed with rocks and made our own headdresses just like the Chief of a tribe would have worn.