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The diary of Anne Frank

The diary of Anne Frank

Wow, year four have had a fabulous two weeks studying diary writing and empathy with the diary of Anne Frank! 

For the last two weeks, we have been finding out all about Anne Frank and the different characters who shared the secret annexe. We began by exploring the online tour of the hiding place and gathering basic information about the famous story. Next, the children placed events from the house and 2nd world war in a timeline to provide them with an overview.

Anne Frank timeline
Gaining the bigger picture using a timeline of events.

They were then given extracts of Anne’s diary and were asked to find out what Anne thought about each character from the house. Last Friday, they consolidated their learning by role playing each character. They used their research to infer their character’s thoughts and feelings from the information Anne had written about them.

Role play with Anne Frank
The boys get into character by changing their body language and speech.

Their final task is to write diary extracts as one of the characters from the annexe. We can’t wait to read the results!

In maths, year four have finished studying multiplicative reasoning and have begun learning to identify angles in shapes. They have been using their bodies to show right, acute and obtuse angles.