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Year 6 – ‘Morpurgo’ and ‘Carroll’

This is the last year of primary school for your child. It is a year of transition, during which you will hopefully see your child develop and mature and be ready to make the leap to secondary school. It’s a great year and we, as a team, are very much looking forward to the hard work, challenges and fun ahead.

Year 6 is the year in which we work towards our SATs tests in May. To ensure that all children have the greatest opportunity for success, we have high expectations of the children’s learning attitudes and behaviour both in-and-out of the classroom.


Homework will be set on Fridays in the homework books. This will consist of spelling, grammar and maths. Work will usually be related to the learning that week. We also use Mathletics and Timestables Rockstars, which is a great resource to help children do well in their weekly times tables tests. We expect children to read regularly and to show understanding of what they have read.

Swimming and PE

Year 6 PE and Swimming sessions will take place every Friday.  Children must come to school dressed in their PE kits and will continue to wear them for the rest of the day. PE kit is a white t-shirt, blue or navy shorts and suitable footwear (trainers or pumps). Please ensure children come to school with the appropriate swimming kit in a waterproof bag.

Children with earrings must remove them for PE and Swimming or cover with tape if they have just been pierced. Long hair must be tied back for both PE and Swimming

Water Bottles

Children are welcome to bring their own water bottle into class, this should be filled with water only. Named cups will also be provided for drinking water, and these will remain in school. It is important for children to keep hydrated throughout the day. Unless this has been discussed with a class teacher for medical reasons.

We look forward to working with you to ensure a successful year for your child

Yours sincerely

Mrs Gathercole & Miss O’Keefe

Year 6 – ‘Morpurgo’ and ‘Carroll’ Blog


Back to the Forest

Carroll class were really happy to be back in the forest this week! Not only did they have fun, but also they demonstrated the importance of taking time to learn outside of the classroom, especially whilst immersing themselves in nature. After working so hard towards SATs week, it was great that they had the opportunity […]


Year 6 take a piece of the pie

Year 6 have been constructing pie charts. They have understood the data and found the ‘whole’. From this, they wrote the data as fractions of the whole, which enabled them to find equivalent fractions with 360 as the denominator. This allowed the children to see how many degrees each section of the pie chart needed […]


Bonjour from Ellesmere Primary School

Bonjour from Ellesmere Primary School In Year 6, we have set up a pen pal system with a school in France.We learnt how to introduce ourselves and we used key vocabulary to create our letters. We look forward to receiving their replies soon.


Survival of the Fittest

To begin our new mini mission (Darwin and Evolution), year 6 have been investigating the idea of ‘survival of the fittest’. They carried out a bird beak investigation after learning about Darwin’s finches.



Morpurgo Class received some exciting post when they discovered that the first letters had arrived from their pen pals in France. Morpurgo Class couldn’t wait to reply, they wrote some impressive letters back telling their new friends about themselves in French.  


Year 6 Make Links with France

We have set up a link with a French Primary School and every child has been assigned their own penpal. Yesterday afternoon, we set up a video link with the French school and the children were able to introduce themselves to their new penpal. Over the next few weeks, pupils from Morpurgo Class will write […]