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This week we are sending a huge 'thank you' to Stans Superstore, St Martins for their very generous donation of… read more
Everywhere we look this week there are children writing - birthday cards, messages, letters, stories, signs for our Ice Cream… read more
There was no sign of Teresa May cracking when Ellesmere Primary School pupils decorated eggs for an Easter competition. The… read more
RAF Shawbury ensured that we had an exciting start to our STEM week when two RAF pilots landed a Juno… read more
Our story last week was Little Red Riding Hood in which we met Mr Wolf who thought he would like… read more
More than 400 awestruck pupils looked to the sky as the RAF swooped on Ellesmere Primary School’s playing field on… read more
Grateful Tia Maher is on a mission to repay the hospital that saved her life. The 10-year-old Ellesmere Primary School… read more
Our story of the week is Little Red Riding Hood.  The children enjoyed the story of the Enormous Turnip so… read more
This week our new pergola and trellis have arrived.  Mr Brayne, with lots of help from his Dad, quickly put… read more
The Day it Rained Hearts We read this story by Felicia Bond as an introduction to Valentine's Week.  It is… read more

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