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Year 6 – superb settings

This week, Year 6 have been carefully selecting vocabulary to write fantastic setting descriptions.

During our English lessons, we have focused on building up a picture in the reader’s mind. Using a picture stimulus, Year 6 have written their own setting descriptions. Here are a few examples.


Dapples of sunlight reflected onto the abundance of greenery. The rickety bridge quivered as the odour of decomposed leaves increased through the air. As I crossed the precarious, half rotten bridge, the bugs on my shoes fell off and crawled away to the verdant, alpine grass. After negotiating the stepping stones with great care, we reached the door. The entry poised still as the scuttling spiders squirmed under it. Olivia – Tokyo


Even though I was sure I was alone in the woods, I was scared. As I stepped on the first stepping stone, the ancient, musty hinges to the wooden door on the tree started to rattle…the door knob started to turn…the whole tree started to vibrate. Silence.

Where there should have been a pole of fern leaves, there was now a primordial old man. He had a long tangled beard, brown like chocolate. His half-moon spectacles glistened as green light flooded the wilderness. As long as a pencil, his finger pointed like a needle into the air – as if he had a brilliant idea. Unable to unlock my eyes from him, I stared. Chloe – Tokyo


In front of me a bridge, ramshackle and broken, swayed in the wind. It crossed what looked like a bottomless cavern, going darker and darker until ending in blackness. The walkway led me eye in the direction of a cluster of stones, pressed in the ground. Two huge roots cut across the path, too high to climb over. Next to the barrier a set of stairs twisted up the trunk leading to a small door, covered in ivy. Josh – Vancouver