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11 October 2021

Autumn Outings for Nursery Children

Nursery visited the Pumpkin Patch at Winston Farm in Ellesmere on a glorious Autumn morning.

02 March 2020

Well-being Week in Nursery

We have been reading the book “The Colour Monster” about a monster who is confused because his feelings are all mixed up. It is important for children to be able to recognise and name their emotions as they begin to understand themselves and how they are feeling. We have talked about what makes us happy, […]

08 October 2019

Forest School Fun

Look at us in the Forest! We are learning about keeping ourselves safe in the Forest – how to sit in the Fire Area, how high to climb, to stay inside the boundary, to look after all the creatures we find and to come back when we hear the Forest school whistle.

12 May 2019

A great big thank you to Stans Superstore!

This week we are sending a huge ‘thank you’ to Stans Superstore, St Martins for their very generous donation of lots of lovely plants for our new Nursery garden.  We are very grateful and the plants have made a great difference to our garden. The children have been very interested in all the different varieties […]

12 May 2019

Writing crazy!

Everywhere we look this week there are children writing – birthday cards, messages, letters, stories, signs for our Ice Cream van and even using charcoal in the Forest!  

26 March 2019

What an exciting start to STEM week

RAF Shawbury ensured that we had an exciting start to our STEM week when two RAF pilots landed a Juno helicopter on our school field.  We were able to watch it land and take off, have a look around inside it inside it and talk to the pilots.  Back in Nursery some children made their […]

17 March 2019

Mr Wolf’s Pancakes

Our story last week was Little Red Riding Hood in which we met Mr Wolf who thought he would like to eat an old grandma and a tasty little girl but his plan was foiled by the hero wood-cutter who chased the wolf away.  In our story for this week, we met Mr Wolf again.  […]

03 March 2019

The Big Bad Wolf!

Our story of the week is Little Red Riding Hood.  The children enjoyed the story of the Enormous Turnip so much that we have chosen another traditional tale to base our literacy activities around.  This week we have read the story, emphasizing the repetitive text and encouraging the children to join in. In our fine […]

03 March 2019

Look What’s Happening In Our Nursery Garden!

This week our new pergola and trellis have arrived.  Mr Brayne, with lots of help from his Dad, quickly put it up and we now have a very impressive entrance to our garden with a Quiet Area and a Mud Kitchen Area As soon as the they had finished our Mud Kitchen and a new […]