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Year 3 – ‘Dahl’ and ‘Cowell’ Blog


Attract or Repel?

This week we have continued to look at forces and magnets. We began the week looking at a range of metals and investigating if they were magnetic and non magnetic. We have also been investigating magnetic poles and what poles attract and repel.  In English, we have created our own class story! The children have […]


Magnificent Magnets

This week we have continued to learn about Forces and Magnets. This week we have used magnets to investigate magnetic and non-magnetic materials. Near the end of the week, we conducted another investigation on which magnet was the strongest by using paper clips! We have continued our work on the Iron Man and have begun […]


Liverpool World Museum

Year 3 had the exciting opportunity to visit the Liverpool World Museum, the children behaved impeccably and were engaged throughout. The children took part in a workshop to consolidate their learning about the Stone Age and they visited the fascinating Ancient Egyptian display, the children were amazed to see real mummies!!!


Year 3 Investigate their new Mini Mission

Year 3 started their new mini mission by investigating clues attached to the tree, the children were able to deduce that our new mini mission is linked to plants and the rainforest.


Year 3 Step Out

Yesterday, the year 3 children took to the streets of Ellesmere with ‘Road Safety Ray’ and participated in a ‘Stepping out’ programme. Ray taught us all we need to know to be safe crossing the roads. We now feel safe and ready to become more independent


Ready, Steady, Snow!

Today we challenged the year 3 children at home and in the hub to create the best snowman, we were impressed with their creativity and teamwork.


Wow, what a week!

We have been focusing on Anti bullying this week, we started by wearing our odd socks with pride, we have looked at how to stay safe online and how to interact with others responsibly. We have looked at the qualities of a good friend and we rounded off the week with a visit from Reverend […]


Alliteration Adventures for Year 3

During our poetry work this week, we have been looking at alliteration. The children went on a hunt outside to find nouns and adjectives that they could join together to create alliteration, some of the children even made up their own. We loved taking our learning outside.


Who took the Mummy?!

What an exciting week! Due to our amazing Maths problem solving skills, we were able to find clues to where the Mummy was hidden! It is back with us in class Sydney. But who was it that took it? Let’s hope we can solve the mystery!