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Year 5 – ‘Hargrave’ and ‘Bunzl’ Blog

12 May 2022

Fantastic Forces

This week Year 5 have continued with their understanding of forces, linked to our mini mission about the Titanic! We used our findings from last week to plan and carry out further buoyancy investigations and understand what makes objects buoyant. Some of the theories included ‘Are all objects with an air pocket buoyant?’ ‘Does a […]

17 January 2022

5, 4, 3, 2, 1….Blast Off!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1….Blast Off! We have started our brand new mini mission ‘Where Once We Stood’ which is all about Space! Our first task was to show our current knowledge and understanding of the solar system using sweets! We had marshmallow suns, skittle planets and popcorn moons! We then listened to the actual […]

11 October 2021

Reasoned Rounding

Year 5 playing a game of ‘reasoned rounding’ to prepare them for ‘serious’ rounding up to six digits later in the week.

17 November 2020

Buddhist Zooms into Year 5 Classroom

Year 5 enjoyed a live zoom session with Saido, who is a Buddhist, to learn more about the next religion we will study during our RE mini mission! We were shown artefacts, photos and made lots of fantastic notes to help us with our learning.

13 October 2020

To Infinity and Beyond for Year 5

This week, Bunzl class have been learning about the first Moon landings of Apollo 11, the different phases of the Moon and finally how to plan and conduct an investigation using controlling variables. A great week’s work all round! Well done Bunzls.

11 September 2020

Year 5 Stitch Their Way To Their New Mini Mission

Hargrave and Bunzl classes (year 5) have been learning running stitch this afternoon as part of our DT focus for our new mini mission. We can’t wait to start making our ‘promise purses’ linked to our focus text ‘The Promise’ by @nicolakidsbooks

22 November 2019

Year 5 Travel Back in Time

Last week, year 5 started their 4th mini mission of the year – The Yorkes. The Yorkes are the family who lived at Erddig Hall in Wrexham and eventually gave the house to the National Trust. Building upon our previous knowledge of the Victorians from our Little Princess mission last year, the children have already […]

08 October 2019

To Infinity and Beyond

Year 5 have begun their next mini mission! We are going to learn all about our solar system and whether humans could live on mars…We are trying to recreate the solar system out of sweets. I wonder how much we know?! Year 5 have also been making and testing their own rocket launchers. They worked […]

24 September 2019


I am sure many of you have heard that we have got new additions to our classes this year. Over the weekends, the piggies would love to spend time getting to know everyone in year 5! If you are interested in taking the guinea pigs home for a weekend please let me know on this […]