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Year 6 – ‘Morpurgo’ and ‘Carroll’ Blog

12 May 2022

Back to the Forest

Carroll class were really happy to be back in the forest this week! Not only did they have fun, but also they demonstrated the importance of taking time to learn outside of the classroom, especially whilst immersing themselves in nature. After working so hard towards SATs week, it was great that they had the opportunity […]

17 February 2022

Year 6 take a piece of the pie

Year 6 have been constructing pie charts. They have understood the data and found the ‘whole’. From this, they wrote the data as fractions of the whole, which enabled them to find equivalent fractions with 360 as the denominator. This allowed the children to see how many degrees each section of the pie chart needed […]

17 January 2022

Bonjour from Ellesmere Primary School

Bonjour from Ellesmere Primary School In Year 6, we have set up a pen pal system with a school in France.We learnt how to introduce ourselves and we used key vocabulary to create our letters. We look forward to receiving their replies soon.

23 September 2021

Survival of the Fittest

To begin our new mini mission (Darwin and Evolution), year 6 have been investigating the idea of ‘survival of the fittest’. They carried out a bird beak investigation after learning about Darwin’s finches.

24 November 2020


Morpurgo Class received some exciting post when they discovered that the first letters had arrived from their pen pals in France. Morpurgo Class couldn’t wait to reply, they wrote some impressive letters back telling their new friends about themselves in French.  

13 October 2020

Year 6 Make Links with France

We have set up a link with a French Primary School and every child has been assigned their own penpal. Yesterday afternoon, we set up a video link with the French school and the children were able to introduce themselves to their new penpal. Over the next few weeks, pupils from Morpurgo Class will write […]

25 September 2020

Year 6 Poetry

Carroll Class and Morpurgo Class have produced some lovely non-chronological reports about owls and some imaginative blackout poetry. Both of these tasks are linked to our current novel, Skellig by David Almond. For the non-chronological reports, students were asked to take notes about owls and then used formal lingual and technical vocabulary to ensure that […]

23 September 2019

Letters From The Lighthouse

Year 6 have started the new school year with a mini mission based on the book ‘Letters From The Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll. The book is set in World War Two and is about two evacuees called Olive and Cliff who were evacuated to Devon. We started week one by making a timeline to show […]

14 September 2018

Year 6’s Trip to Lifeline

Yesterday, Year 6 had the pleasure of attending a safety event organised by The Rotary Club in Oswestry. They had fun experiencing and reacting to a range of real life emergency situations. They were presented with ten different scenarios relating to their health and safety and the aim was to increase their awareness of everyday dangers. […]