Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Year 5 start the year with a blast…off!

Not so long ago, in a classroom not that far away…year 5 began their topic on space!

We started with a blast as the children watched a clip of a rocket launch to the NASA space station. We then discussed what kind of things they would see if they were on the rocket. The children were so enthusiastic as they came up with lots of different ideas.

The objective of the lesson was to gain an understanding of the children’s prior knowledge on the subject. This helps us to make sure we address any misconceptions. In their books, they began what we call a KWL grid. This stands for ‘what we Know’, ‘what we Want to Know’ and ‘what we have Learnt’. During this first session, the children wrote down everything they know about space and everything they would like to know. At the end of this unit of work, we will return to our grid and complete the final column ‘what we have Learnt’.

We ended the lesson with a ‘big bang’ (ahem), where the children worked in groups to make a model of the solar system using…sweets! Once we have completed the topic, we will repeat this activity to see how much they have learnt.

A fantastic start to the term. Well done year 5!