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Year 5 poets!

This week year 5 have been very busy writing their very own ‘Be very afraid’ poems!

In English we have been looking at a poem called ‘Be very afraid’ by the poet Carole Ann Duffy. The children were given the task of writing their own version. They thought very carefully about selecting vocabulary and adding in alliteration and rhyming words to make them sound even better. The children are all very proud of their poems and they enjoyed reading them to the class. Take a look at some of the poems below.


On Wednesday the children completed a Halloween mystery maths activity. The problems involved time, place value, subtraction and addition. They had to solve five problems and find out who committed the Halloween crime! It was lovely to see how engaged the children were throughout this task and it was great to see them discussing the solutions with their peers.

Well done year 5! What another great week of learning!