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Year 4 innovate Leon and the Place Between

Leon and the Place Between

Year 4 have been working extremely hard in English as they learn from the structure of the beautifully illustrated portal story, Leon and the Place Between. Last week they analysed the story and learnt the text using actions. This week they have been innovating parts of the story by changing nouns and verbs which they expanded on to make their writing more interesting. 

Adapting a story map
Changing key features of the story using a story map
Innovation through a boxed up plan
Using a boxed up plan to innovate ideas

The children began by drawing a story map of the key features of the story and marked their new ideas through editing. Last week, they had also written the key features of the original story in a boxed up plan. This week, they added to the plan by writing their innovated ideas using notes. Next week they will complete the final stage of the box and write their own portal story using the structure of Leon and the Place Between.

After some fabulous innovated ideas, we can’t wait to see what fantastic magical portals the children use in their finished product!

Check out this song the children used to help them learn about adverbials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3hR3BHpeho

Many thanks to Grahame Baker Smith and Templar for the featured image.