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Year 4 get messy in Digestion activity!

Year 4 have started their new topic of ‘Digestion’ in Science and this week we created our own digestive system using household items to learn more about it!

Monday morning Miss Wilcox and Mrs Clarke turned up with a box of crackers, orange juice, tights and cups! The children were very curious about what we could be using them for in Science that afternoon… Digestion!

First we wrote out the method of the activity in our books to follow. Then we gathered our equipment and the digestion began!

Using a zip lock bag as the ‘stomach’. We squished and mushed up the crackers, juice and saliva (water) before squeezing it through the ‘intestines’.

We then squeezed the moisture out of the intestines and into the tray. Then came the fun part of pushing out the waste through a make shift bottom!

The children enjoyed the practical learning and we will be finding out more about the functions of each part in the next few lessons.