Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Year 3 visit Hoo Farm!

Year 3 recently braved the cold and snow on a visit to Hoo Farm as part of their Madagascar topic.

We went to see a range of African and Madagascan animals and were even lucky enough to stroke a little Tenrec! He was fully grown and looked like a hedgehog yet we found out that they are closer in relation to an elephant! The children were also able to see ring-tailed lemurs and white and black ruffed lemurs which are our favourite Madagascan animals!

Before lunch, all of the children were able to feed the ostrich and emus with the park ranger. The ostrich was really tall and reached far over the fence for his food!

Although the weather wasn’t ideal, the children’s behaviour was fantastic and they all enjoyed their day. Once we got back to school we wrote a recount of our day and will create non-chronological reports about lemurs in topic lessons.