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Year 3 fly through Cosford RAF Museum

Year 3 children travel back to WW2 at Cosford as part of their new topic.

Brisbane and Sydney recently spent the day at RAF Cosford museum as enrichment for their new topic. We visited the different hangers and exhibitions on the look out for Spitfires and Messerschmitt that were the aircraft used during the Battle of Britain.

We went into a WW2 classroom and experienced an air raid alarm where we all had to go out into the air raid shelter and wait for the all clear siren! Elizabeth and Max tried on the Air Raid Warden hats and badges, telling us all to turn out our lights so the overhead planes couldn’t see us! Harry also tried on a replica gas mask that some children would wear for up to 4 hours during their time at school.

When looking around the last hanger, Geoff came to talk to us in more detail about the RAF planes and German Luftwaffe, he even showed us bullets from the guns on board the different planes. We heard how the Spitfire was faster than a Messerschmitt, yet the Spitfire guns didn’t do as much damage.

We had a fantastic day and the children represented the school brilliantly.