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Year 3 enjoy plant topic in Science!

Year 3 have been enjoying the study of plants for their Science topic this half term.

Last week we planned a fair investigation to find out about water transportation through a plant. We made predictions, collected our equipment and in groups placed celery and white carnations in water with food colouring. Some of the children predicted that the plants would die because the water wasn’t ‘clean’. Others predicted that the plant may change colour when the water gets transported inside.

After leaving the plants for a few days in the sunlight, we cut into the flower and celery to see what had happened. We realised that the plants had transported the water up through and into the flower! The small thin tubes or veins had sucked up the water like a straw inside the celery.

The children were able to write a conclusion about their findings and compare to their original predictions. We are looking forward to our next Science topic of ‘light’.