Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Year 1’s in awe of Chirk Castle!

Today Year 1’s have been back in time, we have visited the historic Chirk Castle.

Paris and Madrid Classes went back in time today when they went to explore Chirk Castle and its gardens. Children learnt all about when the Castle was built and why it was built on the Welsh-English border.

Children explored the Castle rooms, we found the Dungeons, Adams room, the servants hall, the Chapel, the Armoury, the Dining room, the Drawing room, the ball room, the library, the bedroom and the bathroom. While we were in the bathroom children started to notice that there was something missing…”Where is the toilet?”

We didn’t only explore the Castle it’s self but we also ventured into the Castle gardens, we were amazed at how many wonderful plants and trees there were. While we were on our expedition Anna decided she wanted to find out if all flowers were scented. We all started to smell a variety of flowers to help inform Anna’s answer. During our exploring we settled down to design our very own Castle gardens. We thought about the statues and flowers we would include to make our garden grand.

Everyone had a wonderful day, all children were fantastic role models for Ellesmere Primary.

Next week we will be using ICT to find out more about Chirk Castle and it’s history.