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World Book Day Celebrations in Year 1

Children came into school today dressed as a character from one of their favourite books. It was lovely to see the range of costumes from Robin Hood to Fantastic Mr Fox. A fantastic effort with your costumes Year 1, well done!

As part of our world book day celebrations, children had the opportunity to choose a book to go and listen to being read. We then had an assembly where Mr Roberts read one of his favourite books to the children. It was also a great opportunity to see all the rest of the brilliant costumes in school. Throughout the day we have been sharing our books and listening to numerous stories.

In Maths this week we have continued to work on division. All children have made really good progress with their understanding of division and they are now able to solve division questions based on dividing by 2,5 and 10. Next week we will be moving onto money and counting amounts.

In English we have started a new unit of work based on the short film ‘Soar’ Soar is a lovely short film with lots of different settings and feelings. This week we have been working on how to write an opening for the film. We have discussed how we would not use ‘once upon a time’ as an opening as it is not a fairy tale. Instead we have been using openings such as ‘one beautiful summers morning’. Through child initiated learning we have been creating comic strips, making paper aeroplanes and writing instructions and creating character descriptions. We will be continuing with the short film ‘Soar’ next week.

In Science we have started a new unit of work on materials. We have discussed how objects are made out of different materials and how certain materials would not be used to make certain items. Next week we will be moving onto identifying the properties of these materials.

In PE we managed to go outside and start new sporting activities. This term we will be continuing with rugby and we have also started tennis and athletics. In athletics we worked on the skill of target throwing and speed bounce. In tennis we have started with balancing the ball on the tennis racket.