Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

What an exciting first week!

We have had the best first week in Nursery ever!

It has been a happy, confident and excited start for  our children who have enjoyed exploring all that Nursery has to offer both inside and outdoors.   The children have already joined in with so many new experiences, from learning to pour their own drinks at snack time to going to the main school dining room for their lunch, all with a determination to enjoy each and every minute and give everything a try!  We are so proud of them!


Over the next few weeks we will continue to get to know each other, gradually learning how to use the various areas and resources, establishing clear and consistent routines and teaching children the few ground rules that help us to provide and achieve a calm, purposeful and enjoyable environment and atmosphere. Children will be guided by these ‘rules’ as they go about their play – ‘we use our walking  feet in Nursery’;  ‘we tidy up our things when we have finished playing with them’;  ‘we use quiet voices inside’;  ‘we are kind and gentle to our friends’; ‘we use our words to sort out problems’.  However, of paramount importance  to us all throughout the Nursery year but especially during this settling in period, is children’s well-being and we will be doing all that we can to support children in feeling safe, secure, valued, important, happy and confident.  Here’s to another great week!