Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

The children are really enjoying our mini mission ‘Leon and the Place Between’ and enjoying everything circus and magic related. We have planned out and started writing our own versions of the story, using our own characters and creating our own ‘Place Between’ art work and description.

The children have planned out the colours and prints they will use to complete their artwork, thinking about different shades of purple and then adding gold decoration. We have sketched out our Place Between settings in our sketch books and labelled where we will use our chosen colours.

We have also been thinking about wild animals being kept in circuses. The children have sorted statements for and against the debate and read an example persuasive letter about banning wild animals. We have annotated and will be using this to write our own letters to the prime minister.

Next week in maths, we will be continuing with number and moving onto 4 digit addition using the expanded column method.

Miss Wilcox and Miss Moffatt