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What a way to kick start 2018 in Year 1.

This week in Year 1, we have kicked start 2018 with a fun packed few days from crayons quitting to puppy visits and shared reading. It has been wonderful to be back in the classroom with Paris and Madrid classes all looking forward to what they can achieve throughout this next term.



On Monday, in English children had a little shock, the crayons had dragged themselves onto the carpet and refused to work.

We really wanted to know why the crayon had quit, especially after the Christmas holidays, but luckily they had left some letters for us to read. Children were so excited to hear from the crayons and it all became clear why they had stopped working, ‘The red crayon has quit because Duncan used him too much over the holidays’ Mickey age 5.

We focused our learning this week on identifying question and exclamation marks within the crayon letters. Once we could identify them we started to write our own questions and exclamations as if we were one of the crayons talking to Duncan.



In Maths this week, we have been consolidating our understanding of numbers from 0-100. Children were presented with some number sequences, but there was a bit of a problem, some numbers had gone missing and it was our job to fill in the missing gaps. Once children had identified the missing numbers, they were challenged onto a problem solving activity and these number sequences were not what they seemed, they were no longer going up in 1’s. Working together and explaining their thinking, children worked through their problem solving task. They were asked to identify how they knew the missing number and why they thought they were right, at the end of the lesson.


This week in Topic, children have been presented with the focus for this term – EUROPE.

During the week children have had the opportunity to identify what they already know and what they would like to have learnt by the end of the unit of work. Children also developed some learning opportunities they would like to experience through this unit of work.  Children have decided they would like to link some of their homework to their unit of work and work with parents to find out about a country of their choice.


In addition to all the learning taking place this week, we have had some very special visitors in Year 1:

On Wednesday morning, Mickey’s Mum (Madrid class) brought in their very new puppy ‘Logan’. Paris and Madrid were thrilled to meet ‘Logan’ after hearing so much about him from Mickey. Mickey’s Mum Sharon, explained how the family looks after ‘Logan’ and what it is important for him to get to he can carry on growing’. Thank you so much to Mickey and Sharon for bringing ‘Logan’ in, we can not wait to see how much more he grows and hear all about his important jobs.

On Friday, we had a wonderful morning with our parents who had come in for our book share. This time,  we decided to do things a little differently and asked children to bring in their favourite book from home, so they could share it with their parents and friends. The children loved having the opportunity to share books and time reading with parents and their friends parents. Thank you to all those parents who were able to make it in and help us foster the love of reading to our Year 1 children.