Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Mermaid Palace!

The glorious weather has meant that we have spent increasing amounts of time outdoors where the children have been demonstrating how far they come this year in their independent creative and imaginative learning.  The children concentrated for such a long time on creating and playing in their ‘mermaid place’, thoughtfully and imaginatively using a range of open-ended resources to express their ideas and resource their play.  It was too hot to recreate it again on Friday so they stayed in the shade and painted an underwater world instead!

We have also been enjoying the story “The Singing Mermaid” by Julia Donaldson which has been helping us understand the concept of rhyming words.

Letters, Sounds, Writing and Drawing

This week we have been looking back at our year in Nursery and thinking about all the things we have enjoyed.  We drew pictures and annotated them with writing.

We have also been practising representing the sounds we hear in words by writing them and making simple consonant-vowel-consonant words with our magnetic letters.

What amazing writers and artists we are becoming!



Ice Cream Shop

We  have been thinking of lots of different ways to keep cool this week, especially during the hot afternoon sunshine.  We have built our own paddling pool using our wooden blocks and a tarpaulin –  the children were so surprised that the water did not leak through the tarp!  We have taken advantage of the cool shade in our Forest School area and we have had an ice cream shop!

The children had to pay for their ice creams using numicon.  Mrs Bone and Mrs Hill set up their shop and charged various numicon prices for cones, ice cream scoops, sauce and sprinkles!  The children made up their list and found the correct pieces of numicon to pay.  Some of our children found that their pieces of numicon totalled 19.  They were able to replace the smaller valued numicon pieces with a ten and nine plate to represent the ‘teen’ number!