Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Our tiptop week in Year 1.

Well this week has flown by in Year 1, all children have worked their socks off to achieve their targets.


Year 1 have been learning all about rhyme this week. We started our week by creating a rhyming string on words, looking at why and how some words rhyme and some do not. Children then started to write rhyming sentences, focusing in on where the rhyming words need to be in the sentence. Child initiated activities included:

  • matching rhyming words
  • making a rhyming string of words
  • creating a rhyming flower
  • creating rhyming sentences
  • building rhyming sentences.

It is safe to say all children’s understanding of rhyme has improved this week.


Year 1 have been learning all about addition this week. We have started to show our working out using pictures in our books and some children have been developing their skills by using a number line and drawing their own blank number lines. Children have also been making use of the outside area by using hoops and balls to support their understanding of addition. Child initiated activities included:

  • addition using cheerios
  • counting and writing numbers in the sandpit
  • using QR codes to count and writing numbers
  • ladybird additions
  • creating own calculations by rolling dice.

Children have consolidated their learning through reasoning problems throughout the week. Ensuring they are able to explain and understand the concept of addition.


We have started to find out about Christmas around the world this week. Children have been researching how Father Christmas changes in each country he visits. We have also talked about how we all celebrate Christmas and our family traditions, before then looking at traditions in other countries such as, China, Australia and India.