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Our first ‘mini mission’ for Spring Term is learning about what keeps us healthy.

This week we have been learning why it is important to keep ourselves clean, to brush our teeth twice a day and to wash our hands, especially after using the toilet and wiping our noses!

We started the week by mind-mapping what we know about keeping healthy.

Some children told us that they didn’t brush their teeth before coming to school.  We cleaned ‘pretend’ teeth with toothbrushes, looked at different types of toothpaste and smelled and tasted tiny amounts.  We found out that most toothpastes were “minty and fresh”.  We even tried some black toothpaste and discovered that, although it didn’t look good, it tasted just the same as white toothpaste.  We  experimented with mixing up some coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda and peppermint essence to make our own toothpaste which didn’t taste so good but cleaned our ‘pretend’ teeth just as well as the commercial brands.  Some children were very interested in how to use ‘floss’.  The adults demonstrated and then they practiced using floss between the studs of Duplo blocks.  We also learned a song to remind us to brush our teeth in the morning and before we go to bed.








Our story of the week was “Dirty Bertie” by David Roberts.  Bertie had so many habits that were not clean or nice.  The children thought of some more not nice habits and drew their own pages to add to the book.

We talked about how washing our hands, bodies, hair and clothes helps to keep us clean and healthy.

We experimented passing germs to each other and leaving germs on our nursery toys and equipment.  We rubbed  little pinches of different coloured glitter on our hands and then shook hands with each other, wiped our hands on our faces and clothes and also on our Nursery furniture and equipment.  We couldn’t believe that we could find our ‘germs’ everywhere.  Then we practised washing our hands thoroughly to wash away all of the germs.

We had a visit from “Sydney Sneeze”  ( a spray bottle with a funny face attached to the front).  When Sydney sneezed the spray went all over us and all over Nursery!  It was so funny but we learned how to catch our sneezes in a tissue or in  the crook of our elbows rather than in our hands.  We set up a “Wipe your nose” station with mirrors, tissues and a bin.  The children are now fantastic at wiping their own noses and washing their hands afterwards.  They also love checking if their faces are clean and their hair is tidy!  We  have observed several children combing their hair in the mirror after lunch-time and outdoor play!

Our last activity of the week was bathing our Nursery dolls as we learned about keeping ourselves clean.  We explored a variety of soaps and shampoos – lots of the children were intrigued by some bars of soap.  It would appear that we all use ‘squirty soap’ these days!  The children gave the ‘babies’ a lovely warm, bubbly bath taking care to wash their feet, hands and hair.  They were so gentle and wrapped the babies in a lovely fluffy towel

Some parents commented:  “Thank you for learning about brushing teeth.  I never have to ask him now – he just goes and does it.”  and  “Thank you.  it was such a struggle to get her to have her teeth cleaned.  Now we do it together every morning.”    “It’s great that you have been talking about keeping clean.  He hated having his hair washed.  Now he asks for it to be washed and is getting dressed all by himself!”   Great learning, Nursery boys and girls!

Next week:  Healthy Eating