Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Rosie’s Walk

We have loved this classic story and have had a fantastic week re-telling Rosie’s adventures as she walked around the farmyard followed by the sneaky fox!

The children sequenced the pictures from the story and used so much positional language and vocabulary from the book to tell their own stories about Rosie’s Walk!

The children were very interested in the windmill in the story and so we watched some film clips and found out how a windmill works to grind wheat into flour.  We had a fun morning baking our own bread and eating it!  Our Nursery was filled with the lovely smell of freshly baked bread!

Some of the boys worked so hard to build a windmill from the blocks, adding sails and sacks of flour suspended on ‘ropes’.




In our Maths activities this week we have continued our journey through NumberLand on our way to Number 10.  We had to help Number 6 to do his shopping at the Fruit Shop.  We each had a shopping list, reading the numbers and counting the correct quantities of each type of fruit into our pots.  Great numeral recognition and accurate counting, Nursery boys and girls!

We have also been on a shape hunt around our school taking our Shape Viewers to help us spot all the shapes in the objects around us.  Some children were very disappointed that they didn’t find any “pentagons”!  We will keep looking!

Next week we will be reading the story of Peter Rabbit in preparation for a visit from the Easter Bunny before the end of term!