Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

What an exciting, energetic day!

In the build up to our Sports Day, the children came into school excited to talk about the London Marathon which took place in April. Some had watched it on television and one child’s Grandma had ran in the race. He brought in her medal to show us all. Some children shared their stories of sporting events they had been to whilst others were excited to tell us about the Chester Mini Marathon they had taken part in! We spent some time watching various sporting events on YouTube including Usain Bolt’s many World Record breaking moments.

We decided to plan our Sports Day based on some of these interests. The children wanted to make sports bibs, just like those they had seen the athletes wearing. We looked at the flag of Great Britain and chose countries for teams based on places the children had been to or where they, or their families came from.

We are so proud of our Reception children. They all demonstrated determination, teamwork and excellent behaviour in our Sports Day.

Thank you to everyone made it, we all had lots of fun!