Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Our last week of Superheroes!

We have loved listening to a variety of books all about Superheroes. The children have been so enthusiastic and engaged with their learning. They decided they wanted to become Superheroes, with unique powers! We wrote a list of our ideas, then decided which one we would pick. A Potion Station was set up in our classroom and the children immediately got to work!

If you drink the green potion, you will get stuck to the walls!
If you drink pink potion, you get magic flying powers!

Some children decided to set up a Superhero Shop in our classroom. They had a good think about things Superheroes might like to buy. They begun to make and collect resources from around the room, such as, belts made from Mobilo, masks, capes and story books. They demonstrated teamwork whilst making signs and price labels, as well as sharing out roles in their imaginative play. This then led us on to money. We discussed why we use money and looked at a variety of coins, matching them to amounts.

Great work Little Superheroes!