Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

On Thursday Year 1 went to Llandudno to explore a contrasting location to their own. In preparation for the trip the children had a busy week in DT by designing and making a kite to fly on the beach. They also made their own sandwiches with a variety of different sandwich fillings.

In Llandudno we walked along the the longest pier in Wales and looked back to the buildings in Llandudno and towards the Irish Sea. We then walked up to a spectacular view point so that the children could sketch the landscape and really see how Llandudno is different to Ellesmere. After eating the delicious sandwiches they made we headed down to the beach to fly out kites. The children ran and skipped along the beach to get the kites to fly and they did! Next week we will be evaluating the effectiveness of the kites and how tasty the sandwiches were. We will also be developing our sketches into watercolour pictures to create a Year 1 art gallery.

A fantastic day out and we loved being by the seaside!