Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Ofsted praise underlines progress at Ellesmere Primary School

Headteacher Stuart Roberts says Ellesmere Primary School’s glowing Ofsted report has underlined the vast progress they are making in lifting standards across the board.

The Elson Road school became part of the North West Academies Trust (NWAT) in 2016 and immediately embarked on an ambitious plan of improvement.

Planning permission for a major regeneration, which includes an extension, a new sports pitch and a car park, has been granted and work is under way.

Now Ellemere are celebrating after Ofted inspectors declared they are ‘making strong progress in reading, writing and mathematics’ and ‘pupils feel entirely safe in school’ as they retained their ‘good’ rating.

Mr Roberts said: “The improvements we’ve made since we became part of NWAT are made very clear in the report.

“As a school we know we have made huge strides over recent years, but it makes us very proud to see it in writing.

“One of our most successful changes has been a major focus on our sport and wellbeing, which has seen us achieve Gold Schools Games Mark.”

Mr Roberts said: “We have very exciting plans ahead. Already, we are well into major building work to improve facilities and this is just the very start of the transformation planned for the school.”

Since joining NWAT, Ellesmere Primary School has started to outperform most other schools in the county and pupil numbers are on the rise.

The school’s governing body has been working hard on plans to make significant improvements which will have benefits for the whole community.

Residents will have the opportunity to use the area’s first synthetic sports surface as well as the expansive hall, while the better parking provision is expected to make the surrounding roads safer.

In the classroom, Ofsted inspectors could see big strides too.

The report noted: “Children enjoy being in the classroom, and appreciate the variety in their curriculum.

“Behaviour is good, both at social times and during lessons. Their constructive attitudes to learning are well developed.

“Inspection evidence shows that current pupils are making strong progress in reading, writing and mathematics. They feel entirely safe in school.”

NWAT oversees a number of schools in Cheshire and Shropshire, and all pride themselves on finding new and innovative ways for pupils to learn, often away from the classroom.

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