Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Sports Fun in the Sun!





We couldn’t have wished for a more beautiful sunny morning for our Nursery Sports Day.  We had had so much fun practising our races and learning to stay in our tracks, that the level of excitement on the day was amazing.

The children all participated with enjoyment and a great competitive spirit in our ‘beach-themed’ races.  We had a ‘run to the beach’ race; a beach-ball race where the children had to push their giant inflatable beach-ball to their friend, guiding it with great skill along the track; a ‘buy an ice-cream’ race and, finally, a ‘banana boat’ race which the children loved and for which they had to learn how to work in a team so that they kept their ‘boat’ in a straight line and didn’t leave any of the ‘passengers’ behind!

The children made their parents, their teachers and their school very proud.  Very well done, Nursery girls and boys!