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Number sense, labels and captions in Year 1

We have had a very busy week this week learning about numbers, labels and captions and Pocahontas.

In Maths we have been working on reading and writing numbers 0-20 with our main focus being on teen numbers and making sure the digits are in the right order. Throughout the week the children have been working hard on making sure their numbers are formed correctly and the right way around. During the week the children have also been learning through child initiated activities. This week children have been independently completing a maths number puzzle, made counting towers, shown a number in a picture frame and used numicon to make a number in as many different ways as possible. Next week we are going to continue with our work on numbers looking at both teen and twenties numbers.

In English Madrid and Paris class were introduced to the book ‘My Brother’ by Anthony Browne. In teacher groups children have been drawing a picture of themselves and labelling the picture using their sounds knowledge. Through child initiated learning children have been applying this understanding to labelling pictures of animals, school uniform and labelling family pictures. We will be continuing with the story ‘My Brother’ next week.

Labels have also come in useful in Science this week where children have been learning all about the body as part of our unit of work on animals and humans. Children labelled the different parts of their body and the five senses. Next week we will be starting to look at animal classifications and how animals can be sorted into different classifications.

In topic we began to find out more about Pocahontas. We have been finding out about why she is famous, her life events and how the Native Americans lived at that time.

Paris class had their first forest school sessions with Mrs Griffiths this week. They had a wonderful time together in the forest. On Monday 24th Madrid class will be back in the forest, please remember to bring forest school gear.