Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Music with Shropshire Music Service

We have just completed six fun music sessions with Elly from Shropshire Music Service.  We have been introduced to musical activities covering dynamics, tempo, timbre, pitch, and structure.  Although this sounds very complex we have had lots of fun learning to look at the ‘conductor’ and listen carefully.   We have used our voices in a range of ways, danced to the rhythm of the music, and played instruments loudly and quietly, fast and slow. starting and stopping at a signal.  We have learned how to recognise high and low sounds and have sung lots of new songs.  In our final session we followed simple symbols when playing and using our voices to make different sounds for the beginning, middle and end of a song and learned to recognise sounds which are the same and sounds which are different.    Whilst we were having so much fun joining in,  the activities also provided us with many opportunities for learning and development across all of our Foundation Stage curriculum

We hope Elly can come back soon!