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Mr Wolf’s Pancakes

Our story last week was Little Red Riding Hood in which we met Mr Wolf who thought he would like to eat an old grandma and a tasty little girl but his plan was foiled by the hero wood-cutter who chased the wolf away.  In our story for this week, we met Mr Wolf again.  In this story he declares that his favourite food is pancakes until he reverts to his bad old ways and eats up all his neighbours before tucking into his pancakes!

We also found out that Mr Wolf wasn’t very good at reading or writing, so we helped him by writing a list of all the ingredients he needed to buy to make his pancakes and then we added our own favourite pancake topping for him to try.


We made our own pancakes and had great fun tossing them and trying to catch them in the pan!  We also invited families to join us for a Pancake Breakfast, with fresh pancakes and a lovely selection of tasty toppings – chocolate spread had to be the favourite!  Our role play area became a ‘Pancake Parlour’ .  The children are becoming experts now at taking on the roles of customers, chefs and waiters/waitresses!  Some children said “we need a menu so we can choose” and  made their own menus, practising writing the names of the toppings and prices before  we laminated them and added them to our role play.

In our Letters and Sounds activities we listened carefully to our teachers saying the sounds in words then we blended the sounds together to make the word, find the picture and put it on our pancake.   You can practise this at home by saying the sounds in simple CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words for your child to blend.  For example jam = ‘j’-‘a’-‘m’ or cheese = ‘ch’ – ‘ee’ – ‘z’.  All of the letter sounds in the English language ‘sound-system’ can be found at Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds on You Tube.  You can also watch an example of an oral blending lesson at Phase 2 Oral Blending on You Tube.  Some of our children are already becoming increasingly confident at segmenting simple CVC words and writing the sounds they hear to spell words.

What a fun ‘Pancake’ week.  Next week we will be returning to Little Red Riding Hood and looking forward to some thought-provoking challenges as Nursery joins in with STEM week across the school.