Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Money, money, money!

Children attended an NSPCC assembly on Tuesday about the importance of talking to the people around them at home and school if they have any worries.

In maths this week we have started a new unit of work on money. We started the week off by identifying the different coins and there value before moving onto finding the total amount of money in a purse. Through child initiated learning children have continued to develop their understanding of division independently by solving division number sentences in their child initiated books, solved multiplication questions using arrays on the blackboard, matched 2D and 3D shapes to their names and drawn 2D shape pictures. Next week we are going to be moving onto position and directions by looking at turns, left and right, clockwise and anti-clockwise.

In English we have continued our unit of work on the short film ‘Soar’. This week we have been writing accurate sentences about the middle of the story. Children have been using interesting adjectives to write their sentences about the girl crashing her aeroplane. Next week children will be using all the skills that they have been practising over the last two weeks to write their very own versions of the story ‘Soar’.

In Science, we have been looking at the different properties of the materials and how materials can be described. We have been using language such as opaque, transparent and absorbent. Next week we will be testing a variety of materials to find out their properties.

Next Friday, we will be celebrating Sports Relief by dressing up as your favourite sports players. This could be a footballer, gymnast, rugby player or tennis player for example. As part of the day we will also be competing in our house sports event for the half term. Therefore children will need kit on Thursday and Friday.