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Marvelous Measuring

Children in Year 1 have continued to develop their understanding of measuring through capacity, weight and length.


In Maths this week, children have been continuing to understand the concept of measure. After learning all about capacity and length last week, this week we have focused on weight. Children have been exploring weight through both standard and non-standard units of measure. Through independent child initiated learning, children have continued to develop their understanding of measure through measuring the length of children with socks, measuring objects in the outside area using their hands, solved addition and subtraction questions and completed dot to dot counting activities. In Maths next week we will be starting a new unit of work on multiplication.



This week in English, children have been writing their own letters to Duncan. Children have been challenged to include a question mark or an exclamation mark in their writing. There have been so many fantastic letters to Duncan from all the different crayons. To the end the unit of work, children have read the next book in the series ‘The Day the Crayons came Home’. We will be starting a new unit of work next week on fairy tales. We will be looking at a number of fairy tales as part of the unit before writing our own.



In Science, children have started their own investigation on the weather. We have been keeping a weather diary about both the weather and the temperature. We have also been looking at the time the sunrises and the time the sunsets. We will be continuing with our investigation next week to find out our results.



This week in PE due to the weather we had to change our plans! Children had to three indoor activities which included team work and netball rules, fitness/yoga and rugby drills in the hall working on spatial awareness. Fingers crossed for better weather next week!