Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Our story of the week was ‘Worm Loves Worm’ by JJ Austrian. This wonderful book with quirky illustrations was enjoyed by all of our children. It is about two worms, in love who decide to get married.

The book sparked lots of discussion about weddings and the children enjoyed talking about what they knew about weddings and sharing special memories. Throughout the week parents helped us by providing a variety of special items from their weddings for the children to explore and talk about.

We decided to have our very own wedding! We had lots of role play opportunities and loved dressing up as people getting getting married. Some children made wedding invitations whilst others wrote down song playlists ready for the party. We created decorations and made favours for the guests.

All of the children helped to make the wedding cake. We looked at lots of different wedding cake pictures and talked about the things we liked the most. We made three sponges one big, one medium and one small and learnt that these were called tiers. We helped to decorate the cake with icing and hearts, we had some very talented cake decorators!

Our wedding day was perfect! We put on our smart clothes ready for the ceremony, we enjoyed eating our delicious wedding cake, drank bubbles and danced in the sunshine!