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Lookout Year 4, It’s a Blackout at Bewdley!

Seeking shelter during an air raid.

Year 4 had a fantastic start to the new term this week when they went to Bewdley museum as part of our World Conflicts topic. The children looked amazing dressed  as World War Two evacuees, taking part in the Look Out it’s a Blackout experience.

Learning through experience

Building on their previous knowledge of the Battle of Britain from year 3, they learned all about the Blitz and rationing. The children got to play with old fashioned toys and even got the chance to experience life in a real World War Two underground shelter. The museum used to be the Bewdley telephone exchange, so the shelter had been built with all the luxuries normal Anderson shelters did not have, such as; a concrete floor and electricity! It was recently unearthed at the museum in 2007 during a landscaping clearance.

Entrance to the Bewdley shelter
Mind your head!
Bewdley shelter warning
Behave yourselves children!
Amanda demonstrating the volume of an air raid siren
Cover your ears, here’s the siren! 

One of the activities got the children very excited when they heard the real air raid siren and had to enter the shelter. They listened to real footage of the first bombings of London and learnt about what conditions were like in Anderson shelters. They couldn’t believe people had to go to the toilet in a bucket!

Anderson Shelter Facts

Behaviour and response

All pupils were impeccably behaved and were complimented on their enthusiasm. They have carried this back into the classroom where they looked at propaganda posters and their meanings. They discussed how women and children had to fight the war on the home front by ‘digging for victory’ and ‘make do and mend’ whilst the men were away.

Future learning

As we progress through the topic, the children will discover different researching techniques. They will choose their own line of inquiry into different world conflicts. They have already shown an interest in the cold war!

What a lovely way to start the year. Well done year 4!