Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Look What’s Happening In Our Nursery Garden!

This week our new pergola and trellis have arrived.  Mr Brayne, with lots of help from his Dad, quickly put it up and we now have a very impressive entrance to our garden with a Quiet Area and a Mud Kitchen Area

As soon as the they had finished our Mud Kitchen and a new writing trolley arrived!  The children were very excited and interested to help Mr Brayne lay the weed-proof liner and spread the bark in the mud kitchen area and then donned the safety glasses and found the tools to help to put the trolley together.  What fantastic helpers they have been!


Spring Planting

We are planning to have lots of plants in our new garden area.  This week we have dug up all our daffodil bulbs which are beginning to sprout and transplanted them in pots to rescue them from the garden before the digger arrives to clear the ground ready for turf.   The children were so interested in the planting process that it led to a great discussion about how plants grow.  We found some seeds in our shed and sowed them into little pots, making labels with the names of the plants on lollipop sticks.  It is an experiment at the moment as, because the seeds are old, we don’t know if they will grow.  The children are busy looking after them, keeping them warm and watered inside.


We will shortly be making wooden planters with the children ready for some beautiful spring and summer greenery and flowers.   If you have any plants that you could donate – tall, leafy shrubs, herbs, ornamental grasses, perennials, vegetables – anything we could grow in our pots and planters – we would be very grateful.

We are now awaiting the arrival of the diggers and work-men to begin to prepare the garden for the turf.  It will be lovely to see it green again!  Also a new playhouse and some lovely wooden seats should now be on their way.

Watch this space for further developments