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Let’s Celebrate!

Nursery have had a busy week of celebrations!

The past week has provided us with an excellent opportunity to learn more about the different celebrations and traditions in our annual calendar.

On Tuesday we celebrated Pancake Day.

As we always love to ground our themes in Literacy, we started the day by reading the story of Mr Wolf’s Pancakes by Jan Fearnley.  The children loved the unfortunate twist at the end of the story when Mr Wolf snapped up not only all of his pancakes but his greedy friends too!  They also enjoyed hearing that Mr Wolf was learning to read and write and were very kind in helping him to write shopping lists for his pancake ingredients.   We then made our own pancakes for our pancake party, selecting our favourite topping and also having a go at tossing them!  In the afternoon, we did some ‘pancake’ maths, counting the correct number of  decorations onto our pancakes.  We also practised orally blending sounds in words to select different toppings for a ‘pretend’ pancake party!

On Wednesday we found out all about the traditions of Valentine’s Day.

We read the story “The Day It Rained Hearts” by Felicia Bond.  We talked about the people we love and care about, thought about our feelings and described them and had a very ‘crafty’ day practising lots of different skills to make gifts for family and friends.  We wrote ‘love’ letters and made cards using our drawing and writing skills, learned about sewing, using some skilful fine motor control to sew a necklace of hearts with real needles and thread, and used some careful thinking when using glue and collage materials to make heart decorations.  We practised counting and number recognition with some beautiful heart jewels, took our friends for a Valentine’s meal in our Role Play café and had heart- shaped toast for Snack Time, choosing and spreading our own toppings.

On Friday we celebrated Chinese New Year with one of our pupils who brought us all a very generous and traditional gift of lucky money envelopes with chocolate coins inside.


We learned about the traditions of Chinese New Year, watching lots of  very informative video clips.  One of our pupils taught us how to say “Happy New Year” and ‘Hello’  in Chinese and also very patiently tried to teach us how to use chopsticks.  We  did some New Year crafts to celebrate the Year of the Dog so that we could take them home and tell our families about what we head learned.  We used fantastic listening skills to follow instructions and used lots of shape, size and positional vocabulary as we folded a square piece of paper into triangles to make a paper dog.  The children concentrated very hard to fold their paper so precisely.  We practised our scissor skills to make lanterns, folding the paper into a ‘rectangle’ and then gluing it into a ‘cylinder’ shape and we also had a try at writing our numbers in Chinese symbols.  We thought they were much easier to write than our English numerals!  We also made paper chain dragons with repeating patterns of colour.

We had such a busy week but we learned so much!  We are now ready for a short break over half-term.  When we return we will be resuming our “Dear Zoo” theme and looking forward to celebrating World Book Day.  Hope you are getting your costumes ready, Nursery boys and girls!