Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

It’s ‘Good To Be Green’!

Nursery joined the whole school for our ‘Good To Be Green’ day at the end of half-term, celebrating our fantastic behaviour.  We decorated our picnic bags and made our own sandwiches, peeled carrots to make carrot sticks, and filled our bags with a selection from our ‘healthy choices’ bar.   Our Year 6 boys and girls came to help us and we had a lovely picnic together under the shady trees.  Then they played lots of games with us before we returned to our picnic spot for ice cream!

It was such a beautiful sunny day and we were really hot when we got back to Nursery.  Mrs MacDonald taught us how to build a big paddling pool using our large wooden construction blocks and a new tarpaulin sheet.  We helped to fill it with “real water” (much to the surprise of some of our children!) and we took our shoes and socks off and had a paddle!  The water was so cool on our feet.  it was a lovely end to a perfect day!