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Imaginative week with ‘Little Red Riding Hood’

Goldilocks makes an appearance in ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ stories in Year 1.

In English, Children have continued their work on ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ this week and Monday they edited a story map to create their own version of the story. Whilst rewriting the story as part of the teacher group, children have continued to focus on writing accurate sentences and ensuring that the wish list for a good sentence (finger spaces, full stop and capital letters) are included. In child initiated learning children created wanted posters for the wolf, re-enacted the story through the use of puppets and scanned QR codes to find a picture to write a sentence about. Next week children will be in the invention stage and writing a brand new story.

During Maths this week children have been working on a number of mastery problems to ensure that they are confident with numbers 0-40. Children have used their fluency skills to find the missing numbers and odd ones out in sequences. We have also been working on word problems and completed a reasoning problem on domino patterns. Next week we will be introducing numbers to 50 as well as addition questions. As part of homework we have asked Madrid and Paris to explore Mathletics. Mathletics is a fantastic online resource where you can play games whilst improving mental maths. We hope that all the children have enjoyed exploring the site.

Our afternoons have continued to be creative this week in topic. Children have designed a piece of work to create as part of their project. The products that they will be producing range from art work to 3D sculptures with children taking ownership of their project. Next Thursday we have an open afternoon at 2:30 for children to showcase their projects. We are very excited for our first open afternoon in Year 1 and hope that we will see you next week.

We have continued to focus on classification of animals in Science this week. Children have been classifying animals based on what they eat and practically sorted animals into herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. Next week to finish our unit of work on animals including humans, children will be carrying out a scientific experiment to answer the question ‘Do the tallest people have the biggest feet?’ we will let you know our results next week!

Paris class have been continuing to work on throwing and catching skills in PE this week. A fundamental skill for future PE lessons. Next week we have our first house sports event of the academic year. Children across Key Stage 1 will be working together as part of their house teams in a football competition. All children will take part in the competition next Thursday morning. Madrid class will have their final forest school session next Thursday afternoon.

To celebrate the end of our first half term we have our ‘Good to be Green’ event next Friday afternoon. Children will be celebrating their good behaviour by having an arts and craft afternoon. As a school we will be focusing our afternoon on the book ‘Only One You’. We would like all children to bring in a smooth pebble which is big enough to paint. The pebbles from across the school will be used in a piece of art work in the school grounds.

We can’t believe that we only have one more week left before half term, the last 6 weeks have flown and we have had a super start to Year 1.