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Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty


The children have returned to Nursery full of Christmas news and ready to get busy!


Our rhyme of the week is Humpty Dumpty!  We have learned to say it, sing it and act it out!  Then we extended the rhyme to make a story, ensuring that all the main events in the rhyme were included.  Finally, we have created our very own Humpty Dumpty stories, illustrating them by drawing story maps.

We have also investigated the question “Could Humpty Dumpty be put back together again?”  The children built a wall and we pushed real eggs off!  We learned the words ‘yolk’ and ‘albumen’ and lots of different adjectives to describe the raw egg.  We tried the same experiment with boiled eggs and compared them to the raw eggs.


The children tried to put the broken shells back together with glue and eventually some managed to tape some of the pieces back together although it didn’t look much like Humpty anymore!






In our Maths activities this week we have learned the shape ‘oval’ and practised using positional language by making our Humpty’s sit on, behind, next to, and in front of the wall.  We have described whether Humpty was at the bottom or the top of the wall.  Don’t forget to have lots of fun practising using these words at home.    When we reacquainted ourselves with our NumberLand characters this week we have been practising number and shape recognition, counting accurately and matching quantity and numeral.  The children are also becoming increasingly confident in explaining their mathematical thinking and reasoning.




We have so many children who love to draw and write in Nursery at the moment. This week we have started to learn to write our names, making sure that we are holding our pens with great tripod grips and that we are trying to remember to form the letters correctly.  Some children are  practising circles and lines, some just the initial letter of their name and some are writing their surnames but the important thing is that all of the children are confident to make marks and have a go which makes them great learners!    In our ‘Busy Fingers’ activity we practised drawing circles and lines, becoming familiar with the ‘vocabulary’ of writing – up, down, start at the top, curl down and around, across, and straight.  We turned our circles and lines into pictures of Humpy Dumpty sitting on a wall and even drew him a ladder so that he could climb down!

What a busy week.


Next week our story will be ‘Little Lumpty’  by Miko Imai.  It is the story of  Lumpty who climbs up the wall and then cannot get down.  We are hoping that the children will be able to think of lots of clever ideas to help him get safely down before he falls!