Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Spring celebrations!


Spring Term has flown by and we ended it with the last of our Spring celebrations – an Easter breakfast with ‘dippy’ eggs, hot cross buns and tables decorated with beautiful daffodils.  The children really enjoyed helping to set the tables, making sure there were enough chairs, spoons, napkins and plates for everyone.  There is such a growing, tangible sense of friendship and camaraderie in Nursery which has developed over the last two terms.  It was lovely to sit, chat and enjoy our breakfast together.  A big thank you to all of our children and staff  for making our Nursery such a special place to be!

Easter Arts and Design

We have spent part of the week focusing on Expressive Arts and Design and bringing together lots of the skills we have been learning.  The children have done some fantastic drawings of Peter Rabbit for their Easter card;  used their cutting skills and what they know and understand about combining media to make rabbit cups to fill with some sweet Easter treats;   and used some fantastic observation and representational skills to paint pictures of the daffodils which have decorated our tables this week.


Reading and stories

We have read some super Easter-themed stories over the past few days but, by far, the children’s favourite was “Here Comes The Easter Cat” by  Deborah Underwood.  They really enjoyed the gentle humour in this book about a cat who wants to be the Easter Bunny.  It generated so much talk about feelings and they had lots of fun copying the facial expressions in the beautiful illustrations to show they were grumpy, surprised, thoughtful, shocked, happy and so much more.   It is so important for children  understand their own feelings and those of others and to have the vocabulary to talk about them.   At home, you could try playing a “Guess How I Am Feeling” game, encouraging your child to make different facial expressions to show an emotion or feeling.

Spring arrived  . . . and then left again!

On Monday, Spring arrived in the form of a beautiful, dry, sunny morning and we were able to open up the whole of our Outdoor area, using our climbing area for the first time since Autumn Term.  What a lot of busy bodies we had out there climbing, swinging, balancing, sliding and using their muscles!  One Nursery boy was so happy he sang “The sun has got his hat on” at the top of his voice!


A surprise visitor

On Wednesday afternoon the whole of EYFS joined in the PTA Easter Eggstravaganza.  There were crafts, refreshments, a disco and a special(and very eggsciting!) Easter guest who brought us even more chocolate treats!



We wish all of our children and families a great Easter break.

We return to school on Monday, 16th April, 2018.